Biokats Sports Network was formed in 2003 to help Educate, Prepare, and Showcase athletes to play at the next level. We are not a recruiting service. We are coaches who know there is a better way to finding the best college for you and your athlete. We are helping athletes and their families by educating, preparing, and showcasing athletes to play at the next level. We do provide information to parents/players/coaches on the recruiting process to help you navigate through the process.






Our education program, called "Inside Recruiting", is second to none in the country. It was developed by former college coaches to help parents and athletes understand the recruiting process (for all sports). We call it inside recruiting because you get a glimpse into what college coaches are looking for as well as how to best position and market yourself towards the school of your choice.

We have researched many resources around the country and provide you a list of resources to help you get the contact information you need, find the career that best fits you, and more. This program provides you with questions to ask college coaches.



We know the challenges current athletes have today. Many athletes do not even get looked at by college coaches in person. With many of the new NCAA rules, it makes it even more difficult for coaches to recruit. Our Showcase program is the best in the country. We provide events around the country to allow athletes to showcase their talents in front of college scouts.  We are unique in that we are the bridge between college coaches and athletes. Athletes come to our events to show their talents to college coaches. College coaches like our events because they can evaluate the best players in one place. We have college coaches from all levels (D1-Junior College) attending our events.  Athletes receive their own personal player profile for FREE for attending our event. You can provide coaches with your contact, academic, and athletic information. College coaches have access to your player profile in our player database. We have coaches from around the country that view our database looking for future recruits.

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