Ballistic Tournament Schedule

Jan.3rd.    FRIENDSHIP TOURNAMENT                 ALL TEAMS


Jan.10th.POWER #1(evens)                                    12's,14's,16's,18's 


Jan. 16th.-18th    Lil Big Sth JNQ.                          18's Black, 18's Blue

Jan. 24th.POWER #1(odds)                                     13's,15's,17's


Jan. 31st.POWER #2(evens)                                    12's,14's,16's,18's


Feb. 1st. POWER #2 (odds)                                     13's,15's,17's 


Feb. 13th. - 15th.  GREELY SHOWDOWN             13's, 14's, 15's,16's

                                                                                               17's , 18's


Feb. 21st. POWER #3 (evens)                                 12's,14's,16's,18's


Feb. 27th- 29th    COLO. CROSSROADS                16's,17's,18's

Mar. 4th-6th         COLO. CROSSROADS                13'S,14'S,15'S


Mar.13th. POWER #3 (odds)                                   13's,15's,17's


Mar. 20th.POWER #4 (evens)                                 12's,14's,16's 18's


Mar. 25th-27th    BIG SOUTH JNQ.                          16's Black


Apr. 3rd.   POWER #4 (odds)                                   13's.15's,17's


Apr. 10th. POWER #5 (evens)                                 12's,14's,16's,18's


Apr. 17th. POWER #5(odds)                                   13's,15's,17's 


Apr. 24th. POWER #6 (evens)                                 12's,14's,16's,18's


Apr. 29th-May 1st.   NORTHERN LIGHTS JNQ.   14's Black, 15's Black, 15's Blue

                                         MINNEAPOLIS, MN.         16's Black,16'sBlue,

                                                                                       17's Black, 17's Blue, 17's White


May 1st. POWER #6 (odds)                                     13's, 15's, 17's


May 7th & 8th RMR JNQ(if qualify)                      15's-18's



The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel in any inclement weather or other conditions. Club/Team travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense . In the event of road closures (verifiable by State Patrol) due to inclement weather on the date of the tournament, it is the responsibility of the Club/Team Representative to notify the Tournament Director that the team will not be participating in the tournament. Only notify the RMR Office if the Tournament Director can not be reached. The team will forfeit all matches which will result in receiving last place in that division. If deemed appropriate, the Junior Committee of the RMR Board of Directors may reimburse tournament entry fee (s) based on the above noted criteria.



Director Kevin Skeens 720-261-8289

Based in Broomfield, CO

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