"Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I may remember

Walk with me and I will understand"


This Chinese proverb best describes the services offered through Varsity Athlete.

Many well meaning parents either start too late, have no structure or strategy in place to formulate a sound recruiting path.  Most are starting extremely late in the process.  Experience has shown that a great majority, although trying their best, simply are not equipped to take the time necessary to learn the process and thus do it incorrectly.

We are not a typical recruiting organization.  Most rely upon fax or email blasts to college coaches in hopes that someone will express interest in your child.  While this "spray and pray" mentality may often work, the method of operation here is very different.

The goal is to empower your child to learn the importance of self-advocation through research, training and practice.  This process not only helps them in the recruiting process, but for their potential internships, first jobs and the rest of their lives.



Importance of Fit


There are many companies who provide a website.  In essence a personal webpage is a file cabinet where coaches can look at your academic profile, your athleticism and your goals and see if it is a match.  

The philosophy here is a bit different.  While sending out huge numbers of emails hoping one sticks has some value, we prefer a more targeted approach that relies upon our questionnaire along with an interview to help determine what may be the best situation for you the student athlete, your family and the institution.  

Our goal first and foremost is that you find the best institution for your education, your athletics and your future.  This concept of FIT is why most of our clients remain at their chosen school, even if they are not playing their sport.

If you would like a consultation, please feel free to call the office or email Kip.

Cell:  970-222-7628



Whether you are an athlete or not, the challenge of financing a college education is very real and often times daunting.  We advise our clients on different options for schools as well as scholarships.

Each families needs and goals are different and Varsity Athlete uses knowledge gleaned from campus visits, admissions officers and outside sources to offer advise and counsel to families seeking admission to insititutions ranging from least selective to highly selective.


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