Private & Semi-Private Training & Instruction

Ballistic offers a variety of training options so you can pursue your individual goals!  From private, individualized training to small group sessions, we provide the touches, training, feedback, and support you need!  Private instruction is best used for specific skill work and improvement of already established fundamental skills.  To learn and establish fundamental skills, please see our Youth Development page.


  • Private session coaches come from a variety of backgrounds including former collegiate players/coaches and coaches with extensive club and MS/HS coaching experience.

  • Private Session (1 Athlete) - $65/Hour

  • Semi-Private Session (2 Athletes) - $110/Hour

  • Semi-Private Session (3 Athletes) - $150/Hour

  • Semi-Private Session (4 Athletes) - $180/Hour

  • Certain Coaches may have a different pricing structure


Email us for schedule and availability!