Playing Time


Club level volleyball does not advocate equal playing time in tournaments, but rather EARNED playing time.


Every player is given equal training opportunities at practice. It is important for those committing to Ballistic VBC to understand the factors used to determine playing time throughout the season:

1. Ability to execute skills consistently and properly

2. Ability to perform specific skills or play specific positions

3. Performance in practice- skills, attitude, dedication, mental toughness, effort

4. Attendance and commitment level to the team

5. Overall contribution to the team's success at any capacity

Athletic propensity determines what position a person plays. Her performance in practice determines how and when he/she will be used at tournaments. Another determining factor that may influence playing time is how she adds or detracts from the team's performance as compared to a teammate that plays the same position.

During tournaments, coaches are constantly evaluating and adjusting line ups which may affect court time at any given time. Players are expected to understand and accept their role as defined by the coach and concede that the performance of the TEAM has priority over the individual player.

A PLAYER may approach their coach before or after practice (never at tournaments) to ask what they can do to EARN more playing time. Under no circumstances are parents to approach or contact the coaching staff or the Director about their child's playing time. In an effort to help players become strong, outstanding young adults, we expect them to advocate and take responsibility for themselves. If parents want a better understanding of their child's playing time, they should ask their child who should be aware as Coaches meet with their players one on one several times throughout the season.

Understanding the substitutions, rules, restrictions, and rotations of volleyball and how they affect each position's time on the court can also aid in understanding a person's playing time. Lack of knowledge can lead to wrong assumptions and false accusations.

Last, but not least the club fee does not "pay for" playing time.  The club fee buys every opportunity and tool Ballistic has to offer that the player needs to be successful on and off the court. It's up to the player what they do with those opportunities and tools.