Our Mission

Ballistic Volleyball Club is a junior girls club in the North Metro area. We have club teams ages 12-18 and compete in tournaments at both a local and national level. We are committed to transforming our players both on and off the court.

We believe winning is a by-product of maximizing attitude and effort. We work to transform each player by improving their overall fitness level, volleyball  IQ, and skill set. We use the game of volleyball to emphasize the many life lessons found in sports.



Be Part Of Something Bigger

The Pillars.


Performance Training.

Certified sport performance trainers work with teams on a volleyball specific training program that improves speed, power, agility, explosiveness, core strength, and more!



Mental Coaching.

We use the International IMGCA Methodology to equip each athlete and team with tools to build and strengthen mental toughness.


Elite Skills Development.

All athletes have their skill set evaluated and measured. Results are converted into a customized, individual player development program that is closely monitored and regularly evaluated. We believe that the greatest team success is built upon the intentional improvement of individual player skills.



Character Building.

We believe it's important to come alongside parents and help reinforce the value of strong character. We provide various workshops that provide assistance in dealing with self-confidence, anxiety, body image, and much more.



Community Service.

Every team participates in community service projects. Giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate is a value we strive to instill in our athletes.